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Sam  The Dad
Jess - The Mum
Dad - Sam
Pepnick Jaguar
Hips 7:4
Mum - Jade
Bordermere Dali
Hips 7:3
***D Litter***

    Born - 14th May 2010
4 males, 3 females
All Sables
2 weeks old
4 weeks old
6 weeks
Millie 4 weeks
Pepper & Tally
Millie 10 weeks
6 weeks with new friend Echo
8 weeks
Jade's second litter and WOW were they big. All weighing in between 625 and 650 grams. 4 big chunky boys and 3 equally chunky girls. All sables, with 2 of the girls very dark. As with the first litter the sire was predominantly black so we can now assume that she carries a very strong sable gene and will only produces sables. Jade as usual is a great mum and these pups all show great attitude and working ability.
14 hours old
Millie 1 year old
Millie 1 year old
Millie 8 weeks
Tally 1 year old
Tally 8 weeks
D Litter Pedigree