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Sam  The Dad
Jess - The Mum
Dad - Sam
Pepnick Jaguar
Hips 7:4
Mum - Jess
Kazzardsway Amber
Hips 6:3
***E Litter***

    Born - 22nd June 2010
5 males, 5 females
Black & Tan and Sables
Enzo 13 weeks
Earl 13 weeks
Earl & Enzo 11 weeks
Enzo & Earl 9 weeks
2 weeks old
4 weeks old
6 weeks
Millie 4 weeks
Enzo & Earl 6 weeks
Pepper & Tally
Millie 10 weeks
6 weeks with new friend Echo
8 weeks
Earl 11 months
Jess's first litter - and she didn't fail to surprise us. Born 6 days earlier than expected it certainly caught us on the hop and as we are running around like headless chickens making sure everything was in place Jess calmly lay there and gave birth to 10 beautiful, healthy pups, in fact the phrase 'like shelling peas' came to mind. There were 5 boys and 5 girls, of which 5 were sables and 5 were black and tans, and 4 turned out to be long coats. This was a total surprise as we never knew there was a long coat gene in the lines. As we expected, Jess was a fantastic mum.
Dinner Time

Pepper 10 weeks
14 hours old
Enzo & Earl
Enzo 11 months
Inca & Bella
Inca 6 weeks
Bella 6 weeks
Bella & Inca
Bella 4 months
Inca & Bella 1 year old
Jake 9 weeks
Jake 10 weeks
Jake 6 months
Jake 1 year old
Jake 5 months
Jake 8 months
Pepper 15 weeks
Pepper 5 months
Simba 1 year
Simba 6 weeks
Millie 1 year old
Millie 1 year old
Millie 8 weeks
And also not forgetting Tally but she has her own page
Tally 1 year old
Tally 8 weeks
E Litter Pedigree
Jake at 2 years old. This is one lovely looking dog!!
**New Pictures**