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Sam  The Dad
Jess - The Mum
Dad - Kai
Vongalanberg Kai
Hips 4:2 Elbows 0
Mum - Jess
Kazzardsway Amber
Hips 6:3 Elbows 0
***F Litter***

    Born - 18th December 2011
5 males, 5 females
Black & Tan and Sables
Earl & Enzo 11 weeks
Enzo & Earl 9 weeks
F Litter Pedigree
2 weeks old
4 weeks old
6 weeks
Enzo & Earl 6 weeks
Pepper & Tally
6 weeks with new friend Echo
8 weeks
Jess has produced yet another fantastic litter. A lovely mix of sables and black/tans, 6 longcoats and 4 shortcoats. We also had our first oversea's sale, with one of the lad's going to Cyprus. Being born in December, it was a nightmare trying to keep them dry, especially the longcoats. As with all youngster's they couldn't careless about the cold, rain or snow, much prefering to play outside than in their nice, warm and dry run.
14 hours old
The Girls
The Boys
Inca 6 weeks
Bella 6 weeks
Bella & Inca
Jake 9 weeks
Jake 1 year old
Jake 5 months