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We love to keep in touch with our pup's and their new families and see them as they grow. We are also here to offer free advice and training tips through out the life of our pups. 
Updated September 2014

Mum - Tally
Kazzardsway Elke

Dad - Tazar
Shardee's Tazar at Rockforce
Hips 2:5 Elbows 0
This is our first litter with Tally and matched with Tazar what more could you ask for - a stunning combination of both brains and beauty. A lovely mix of either dark sable or black and tan's.
***I Litter***

    Born - 16th August 2014

1 female - sable
7 males - 2 sables, 5 blk/tan's
I Litter Pedigree
Pups at 2 weeks old - eyes are starting to open and they are trying to stand

Pups at 3 weeks old.
5 Weeks old and full of fun

The pups are here :) A strong, heathy litter.
Boy 1        Boy 2        Boy 3         Boy 4         Boy 5         Boy 6        Boy 7        Girl

Boy1                     Boy2                   Boy3                  Boy4

Boy5                     Boy6                   Boy7                  Girl

8 Weeks old and ready to leave for their new homes