What a dark horse. We got Jade as a pup to do the sport of Schutzhund, as she has great working bloodlines. Not long after we got her, Tasha had her second litter, and with 10 pups to look after Jade didn't really get the attention she needed. With no real structure in her life she was just out to enjoy herself, especially playing with her best mate Leo, whom she insisted had to play with her all day. Even now she is still happy to roll around and play with all the youngsters.
Then at around 10 months old all that changed. She started challenging Leo and Tasha for pack leader and no matter how many times they tried to put her in her place she would just get back up and try again. She is as tough as old boots, but with a very gentle and loving nature. We took her out on the Schutzhund field and everything seemed to click in to place. She certainly wowed us, and since then she has gone from strength to strength. She is very fast and agile, highly confident and very quick to learn. She has made a great mother, passing on her confident but loving nature.
She has a very strong and athletic build for a female, with a big strong head. When watching her work it's amazing how many times people have 'looked' to check that she was actually a female.
Kazzardsway Copyrighted 2005
Bordermere Dali

Born 8th June 2005
Hips: 7:3  Elbows: 0:0