Unasumming, kind and gentle, everyone who meets Jess falls in love with her and she laps up all the attention. She just loves to be stroked, tickled and cuddled. But get the ball or bite roll out and all that changes. From being a carpet rug, happy to lie at your feet all day, that little switch inside turns on and she is in working mode. Fast, strong, very intelligent and as much fun to train as the rest of them. She is very possessive, and will not let any of the other dogs take anything off her that she considers to be hers, even Jade thinks twice before trying to take something off her.  Jess is a good size for a female, with a beautiful medium length coat.
Jess was the proud mum of our E and F litters.
A kind and gentle soul, who loves everyone and everything

Jess was born 14th September 2005. She is from our 'A Litter' with the excellent working bloodlines of her mother Tasha, and with a Czech import Condor Galan Nalag.
Kazzardsway Copyrighted 2005
Kazzardsway Amber

Hips: 6:3  Elbows: 0:0