If something is happening somewhere - you will find Jodie in the middle of it.

Jodie was born 22nd November 2006. She is from our B litter (out of Tasha). Spirited, loving and fearless. When we started her schutzhund training - wow - what a dog!! She is agile, fast and very quick to learn. She has her mother's love of work and of the ball, which makes obedience training seem more like fun than work, but you have to be quick! From day one she stood out from the rest of the litter, with her wavey hair. All the rest of the litter had coats like smooth velvet, while her coat was more like crushed velvet, no doubt she couldn't keep still, even in the womb. She is fast and agile, always on the go, first out the kennel and always the last one back in. As you can see from the picture below, everyone else is content to sit and wait for the treat, not Jodie, she's the one in the air.
Tasha - 1 week old

Tasha (standing) 5 weeks old
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Jodie's Pedigree
Kazzardsway Brook

Hips 8:5  Elbows: 0:0