Beautiful Kim

Kim was a right Daddy's girl, although happy to cuddle and play with other people she would always have one eye on Bernie, as if saying 'are you looking dad, I am being a good girl' Tall for a GSD but so elegant. She was graceful in everything she did. She was as fast as a collie at agility but gave the impression that she was just strolling around the course. You could drop her in a bath of mud and she would politely step out without a mark on her. A true Lady. She was as good as gold from the day we got her. She was very clever and always quickly worked out how best to get her own way especially with Louie. If she wanted a toy that Louie had rather than try and get it off him, which she knew would have been a waste of time, she would instead go and pick up a decoy toy knowing that Louie would immediately want what she had. As he bounded over to her she would drop the decoy toy and quietly go over and pick up the toy that Louie had been playing with and go off to play with it. But she was wary of the world around her, not so much that it caused a problem, but she would shy away at loud noises but loved fireworks - a bit of a contradiction - but that was Kim.  and although her obedience and agility were spot on, she never had that inner spark. She was only doing it to please us not because she enjoyed it. She was quite happy to lie at Bernie's feet all day and gaze longingly at him. 
In Loving Memory

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