Leo at 18 months
Leo & Jade
Well.... what can I say about this dog - big, strong, loyal, loving, a gentle giant, you run out of good words to describe him. If ever you need some one to sort it out - just call Leo. Protective, when needed - loving, kind and gentle any other time. Everyone who meets him loves him. I can't count the number of times we have been asked if he was for sale (and NO he isn't) He loves playing 'uncle' to the new pups, watching out for them, teaching them the ropes. His obedience is excellent, again with that - I love to work - attitude. We often use him when training other people's dogs, as his calm and quietly confident nature rubs off on them. He is very fast and very agile. He clears the one metre hurdle from a standing start, with as much effort as if he was stepping up the kerb. He is a beautiful dark sable.
Leo, with his best mate Jade (as a pup)
Big, bold and as handsome as they come

Leo was born 27th May 2003. He comes from excellent working bloodlines.
A gentle giant who never fails to impress.
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Leo's Pedigree
Vrochas Adonis

Leo at work