Born - 18th October 1995.

Louie was a dog and a half. Big, bold, beautiful and with so much character everyone just had to love him. He considered everyone in the whole world his best mate and he would think nothing of bounding across a field at full pelt to go and greet a total stranger who he knew was just dying to meet him and have their ears cleaned out (everyone had to have clear ears when Louie was around!) He was a natural born pack leader from day one. He caused us no end of problems - he demolished the living room, settees and all - chewed through the gate of his kennel in half a morning - pulled a double bed size extra thick blanket through a 2 inch square gap - and he wasn't even 6 months old by then, but we just couldn't help but love him. He was the dog that first got us interested in schutzhund, as far as he was concerned nothing could hurt him and as such he feared nothing. But he was gentleness personified, he could remove a pierced earring from your ear and you would never feel a thing (except this big wet tongue cleaning your ear) Kids always adored him and when we did displays he would always have the longest queue of kids waiting to do obedience with him, and no matter how tired he was, he wouldn't stop until every kid had had their turn and their ear's cleaned of course. He was a beautiful, traditional black and gold (the pictures just don't do him justice). We could go on for hours with tales about Louie - it is his kind of spirit and character we strive to achieve in our pups, the temperament that the German Shepherd Dog is renowned for but which has somehow has been watered down over the years mainly with breeding to meet ever changing show standards and not temperament.

Louie was the true GSD - loyal, protective, faithful, and courageous.

We miss him dearly
In Loving Memory

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