Tasha at 2 years
With mum
Her love of life is only equalled by her love of her ball

Tasha was born 5th May 2000. She comes from excellent working bloodlines, which shows in her very strong, confident and happy nature, which she never fails to pass on to her pups.  She loves to work - obedience, tracking, protection, agility. Whatever you ask of her she loves to do.
We first met Tasha when she was a day old. Out of a litter of 4, we knew from day one which puppy would be coming home with us, a decision we have never regretted. A happy, confident, fun loving dog. With Tasha, you look forward to getting up in the mornings to take her out, no matter what the weather. Her sheer joy of life and sense of fun never fails to raise your spirits and prepare you for the day ahead. From watching her bounding across the fields chasing leaves or tracking the foxes or running after the ball. And when you get home from work, tired and worn out, there is nothing guaranteed to cheer you up and clear you head more, than taking her out again. Her love of life is so contagious that if we could bottle it to sell, we would be millionaires by now and the world would be a much happier place.
Tasha is the proud mum to our 'first litter'  'A litter' from which we kept Jess and 'B litter' from which we kept Jodie.
Tasha at 1 week old
Tasha - 1 week old

Ready to work
Tasha with her Mum
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Brueckwasser Tash
Hips: 6:4
Tasha at 3 months
Tasha at 4 months
Tasha at 18 months
Tasha's Litters
First Litter
A Litter
B Litter