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Updated March 2015

Jeri has done us proud, a beautiful strong healthy litter with the heaviest weighing in at 700gms and the lightest at 600gms. She is proving to be a great mum as we never hear a peep out the pups showing how well fed and contented they are. All the pups are sables with 2 males being lighter and likely to be similar to Mums colouring and the other 3 are more darker sables.

We love to keep in touch with our pup's and their new families and see them as they grow. We are also here to offer free advice and training tips through out the life of our pups. 
Mum - Jeri
Kazzardsway Gypsy

Hips 7:8 Elbows 0
Dad - Tazar
Shardee's Tazar at Rockforce
Hips 2:5 Elbows 0
***J Litter***

    Born - 31st January 2015

1 sable female
4 sable males
Kazzardsway GSD are proud to introduce our J litter.

1 week old and growing fast
Jeri's pups have arrived :)
2 weeks old
3 weeks old.
4 weeks old.
The pups had a busy day on Monday with a trip to the vets for their check up which as expected they all passed A*. Then they spent an hour playing in the house and meeting Great, great great Aunty Tasha and Aunty Tally.
J Litter Pedigree
The pups are changing so fast. They are curious about everything - can I eat it? or do I play with it? They are all showing great temperament and are bright, alert and very  responsive for pups that are only 5 weeks old.
5 weeks old
6 weeks old
7 weeks old
The pups are 8 weeks old and ready to go off to their new homes.
Latest pictures of the pups as they grow