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Updated November 2016

Jeri has produced another great litter. 3 girls and 3 boys. All chunky pups weighing in between 650 and 600 grams when born and as expected all are beautiful dark sables.
Both parents are from excellent imported working lines and the pups should grow into excellent dogs for either working or sports. Both parents are well driven with steady temperaments. Click above to see pedigree.

Mum - Jeri
Kazzardsway Gypsy

Hips 7:8 Elbows 0
Dad - Fynn
Vongraf Samson

L Litter Pedigree
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***L Litter***

    Born - 7th September 2016

3 sable females
3 sable males
First pictures - 3 days old
Pictures at 1 week old
Pictures at 2 weeks old
Growing fast the pups now have their eyes open and are trying to walk. This means that Jeri has no chance to get a moments peace from them so has to lie outside the bedding box until next feed time but always keeps an close eye on them. They are crawling off the bedding and on to the paper for a pee which always amazes us as although their eyes are open they cannot see properly yet but still manage to find their way to the paper and back again without a problem.
Pictures at 3 weeks old
The pups are now walking around and are playing with each other although they are only awake for a short time, just long enough to toilet, have a little play together, eat and then back to sleep again. Teeth are coming through and they are now starting to hear some sounds.
Pictures at 4 weeks old
A big week for the pups as they progress on to solid food full time with only a top up feed from mum, although they do tend to 'wear' as much feed as they eat. They have had their vet check up and everything is where it should be and working fine. They are now in the outside puppy run during the day and spend afternoons with all the big dogs. It is getting harder to get picures as they are never still when awake so we have to wait until they are tired.
Pictures at 5 weeks old
Wellingtons from now on - the pups teeth are getting sharp and everything goes in their mouths. Their ears are starting to come up, then down, then half way, so cute and funny to see. They are getting so confident now and don't even register when the fireworks go off or car horns or shouting children walking by. They spend the morning in the outside puppy run with all their toys to play with and afternoons with the big dogs, biting tails and when tired snuggling up with a willing adult.
Pictures at 6 weeks old
These cheeky little pups are growing so fast. They love being out with the big dogs and even though the majority of the outside area is covered they still manage to get soaking wet playing in the rain as you can tell from this weeks pictures. They are very confident around the big dogs and love it when Maddie rolls on her back for them and they all climb all over her. Sorry no pics of this.
Pictures at 7 weeks old
The pups true characters are now showing through and they are becoming independant, confident, playful cheeky chappies. If the big dogs hear a noise they follow them to the gate rather than stand back and have even joined in with an odd bark. They have all had time in the house on their own and showed no reaction to the TV etc. They are full of play and are never still except when asleep.
Pictures at 8 weeks old
The pups are now ready to go off out into the big wide world with their new owners. They went to the Vets again on Friday to be microchipped which they all took in their stride showing no reaction when it was inserted. They have all grown so much they didn't fit in the crate we used for their 4 week check up so we had to use 2 crates, even then it was a snug fit. All show great determination and are quick to work out the best way to get what they want. They are going to missed not only by us but by the big dogs when they go.